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We create beautiful, convenient and effective landing pages, from 2 days and £ 400

- Individual and adaptive design;
- Fast solution for projects;
- Nice, flexible and adaptive design;
- Lots of functions;
- Google friendly.
Digital marketing agency
Nowadays, many businesses struggle with attracting clients and end up going bankrupt. But a crisis not only bring troubles, but also great opportunities for ones thinking ahead.
A couple of words about myself before we move onto the landing page. My name is Slava, an entrepreneur with 10-year experience from Eastern Europe, and the owner of successful sport goods business with branches in different cities, as well as the founder of Diligent an online marketing agency. I'm here in order to help you to expand your company thanks to the internet.
Co-founder of Diligental
First things first, a good solid landing page is crucial for three reasons:
collecting contact details of potential clients
selling product or service directly
"online business card", informing clients about yourself and your business
You can do it yourself, which is great if you are a fast learner, creative and able to build effective webpages. In contrast, I am on hand to help those who appreciate their time and trust a professional's knowledge and experience.
For all these purposes I personally use Tilda. Why not Wix, for example, or another website builder? Because of its advantages:
First of all, sites on Tilda constructor - quick to create and change.
Nice, flexible and adaptive design
Lots of functions
Google friendly
"One-size-fits-all" approach
от 200£
We create a landing page using blocks from Tilda's library changing visual elements and adding unique content.
Unique blocks
от 300£
We develop unique design and implement it on a landing page.
от 400£
We create several landing pages and a potential client sees the most relevant one depending on their interests and goals.
2-5 days
5-10 days
11-20 days
Every option includes:
By the way, Tilda is already used by:
Google Analytics adjustment
Favicon creation
1-month hosting
1-month landing page support
What we can create for you
If you need a good looking, cheap, quick and effective landing page, leave your contact details now, while your competitors are still waiting for something to come along.
Things I am frequently asked:
Why is it so cheap?
Indeed, website creation usually starts from £2000, but thanks to using the special tool it takes much less time and money, as a result. Also, highly experienced specialists in Eastern Europe work for lower wages, which reduces final price.
Shouldn't a "one-size-fits-all" approach lead to ugly results?
Obviously, a website developed manually by team of designers and programmers, which is going to cost at least £5000, will look more attractive but it's usually an unnecessary waste of money. If you need a webpage for a profitable advertising campaign or a digital "business card", it's more than sufficient. Moreover, it has animations, contact forms, payment widgets, etc. I remind you Google and Uber use it. Don't trust me, just have a look at what we can create for you.
Why can't I do it by myself as it's a readily available tool?
Of course, you can. And I'll be happy if you do. Mind you, being a Tilda developer is similar to being a programmer, chef or photographer. It takes time to get used to it. Usually months. Meanwhile, if you are not a chef or photographer it doesn't mean you can't cook or take photos. The point is in the quality of the final product.
Get the personal offer for your project throughout the day