интернет-маркетинг с 2009 года
Stream of clients from the internet within 90 days, otherwise money back.
We are responsible for making your web campaign profitable within 3 months. If you earn less money than you spend in this period, we will return all your money we invested to content and assembling suitable keywords and target audience.
Texts, banners, video, etc
Our clients' results
Furniture factory, Europe
amount earned from each $1 spent
Store of sport goods, Ukraine
amount earned from each $1 spent
Manufacturer of uniform and workwear, Ukraine
amount earned from each $1 spent
Entertainment center, Ukraine
amount earned from each $1 spent
Bath & Spa complex, hotel, restaurant, Ukraine
amount earned from each $1 spent
Brand of motorcycles, scooters & bicycles, Ukraine
amount earned from each $1 spent
About us
Co-founder of Diligental
Before creating this digital marketing agency, two future founders independently endeavoured to succeed in their e-commerce and consulting websites in 2009. Losing time, money and patience, they gained necessary experience and honed important skills. After achieving results with their own businesses they decided to join forces in order to help entrepreneurs and managers from different countries.
We have built our own businesses firstly
Three steps to result
Increase traffic
Letting people know about your product or service is now easier than ever before. For these purposes we use such tools as advertisement and organic promotion, each of which has individual advantages.
Social Media Advertising
Advertising Google
Search engine optimization
Convert traffic
Convince your target audience to choose you among dozens of competitors by increasing the effectiveness of the next elements of your business.
Additional instruments
In order to bring you more benefits we use the last tech: Email marketing, Messenger marketing, Remarketing & Push marketing.
Advertising campaign
Not only does the quality of your banners, texts and videos determine the results but also the right choice of people to whom you will show the ads. If you create a car from nothing there could be hundreds of reasons why it doesn't move and only one correct way to assemble it. If you need everything to be OK - rely on professionals.
Depending on the structure, design and content, your webpage may convert visitors to clients with a percentage from less than 1% to 20%. Using our knowledge based on over 20 years of practice, you can increase your website impact.
Analyse traffic
With the accidental guess it is possible to win a lottery but not to build a profitable business. Thanks to total traffic control, no one efficient strategy will hide from you. Marketing is not magic but maths and we are good at it.
Analytical tools
Google Data Studio
Google Analytics
Google Sheets
Take the test and get a list of tools and methods that will be effective for your business
Allow us to set up a stable flow of orders and calls from the Internet